Dangers of Smoking While Driving 

smoking while drivingWhen drivers smoke, they are required to take out their cigarette and light it up, which can cause physical and mental distraction. This action can be mentally distracting since the driver has to turn his attention on looking for a cigarette and lighten it. Unfortunately, driving becomes impaired since the driver can no longer focus well on the road as he does two things at once.

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Moreover, there is physical distraction when the driver needs to use one hand to hold his cigarette. The smoke coming out from the cigarette can also cause the driver’s vision to become a bit blurred, and it is rather common for people to squint as they smoke. What’s more, the lit cigarette is likely to fall from the driver’s hand or lips, and this could lead to further distraction as he tries to pick it up before the lit cigarette starts a fire.

Are There Dangers of Smoking While Driving?

If you think about it, there is no reason for people to smoke as they drive. When there is an irresistible desire for you to reach out on your glove compartment and light up, you should consider looking for somewhere safe to stop before things get worse.

For years, there have been numerous announcements that inform individuals about the dangers of drinking and driving. In addition, there are those who discuss about the dangers of texting as one drives, as extensive studies have proven these claims. However, there is another issue that should be taken into consideration, which is the habit of smoking cigarettes while in the car.

Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes while driving is as dangerous as drinking or texting while you are behind the wheel. It is quite disappointing, though, that many people nowadays are fond of this habit. It is not rare to see people with their car windows rolled down a bit, and they hold their lit cigarettes with one hand as they use their other hand to drive. These people are not aware of the dangers they are putting themselves into as they get into this poor habit.

Cigarette Smoking and Road Accidents

While drinking and texting get most of the attention from the media, driving and smoking at the same time can be equally distracting. When you hold a lit cigarette, you end up worrying about a lot of things such as taking a drag, ashing the cigarette, and keeping the cigarette lit. Furthermore, smoke may impair your vision and cause potential problems such as catching fire in the car.

dont-smoke-while-drivingJust the mere fact that a person holding a cigarette does not have their focus entirely on keeping their mind and eyes on the road can be very dangerous. Not only can they damage their vehicle, but also innocent passengers and other cars on the road.

It is also worth noting that smoking while driving can damage your clothes or cars. Although smokers often get into the state of driving with their lit cigarette, there are probably those who wish they could quit this habit.

As you look at the car of any smoker, it is possible to notice burn marks on the seats or even the dashboard. What’s more, leaving a lit cigarette on the dashboard even for just a few minutes can lead to massive damages to this part of your car. Hence, it should serve as a reminder for you to stop this habit for your car’s and your own safety.

Lousy and Foul-Smelling Clothes

When you smoke while driving, it is not impossible for your clothes to get ruined when the cigarette lands on it by accident. This is certainly a huge problem when you are still on the way to the office, since you would not want to appear lousy in front of your colleagues when you walk around with a burnt portion on your outfit.

The smell of tobacco also lingers on your clothes, hair, skin and every portion of your car, and this can make you appear unappealing. Thus, you are better off not smoking at all since it only destroys your professional look completely.

Opt for a Safer and Better Alternative

Considering all these issues linked with smoking while driving, you should choose a better product that would not cause all these negative impacts on yourself and others. With electronic cigarettes, you no longer have to ruin the smell of your car, your clothes, or affect the safety of others on the road.

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