Disposable E-Cig Reviews

If you’re looking to buy a disposable e-cig, our reviews can help you find something that’s long-lasting, reasonably priced, and reliable.

What to Look For

There are a few things to look out for before buying a disposable electronic cigarette.

  • Price: Disposables are normally priced between $5-$12 per e-cig.
  • Puff Count/battery life: Most brands promise between 200-400 puffs per disposable. We haven’t seen anything that can deliver more than 400 puffs so if a company is offering that, be very cautious!
  • Weight: Expect three times the weight of a tobacco cigarette. Only a few brands (such as Njoy) have been able to make a disposable that weighs less than a single cigarette.

Disposable e-cigs are somewhat different than the more popular starter kits, and are only a good option if you want to experience vaping, or need something to carry around as a back-up.

Below, you’ll find our reviews on the most popular disposable e-cigs from companies such as Njoy, Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke.

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