New Bedford Slims Review Offers Essential Information for Vapers and Smokers

In our new review of Bedford Slims, we put the company under rigorous testing to find out if this manufacturer’s offerings are worth a try for new e-cigarette users and smokers. 

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Bedford Slims Review by Stop Jenny

Bedford Slims

Stop Jenny’s new Bedford Slims review is a must read for new vapers or smokers looking to try the brand. For this review, we ordered all the starter kits offered by BS and compared them with electronic cigarettes from other companies to find out if they’re worth a try!

Bedford Slims is one of the rapidly growing brand of electronic cigarettes that is situated in Brooklyn. Its target market is the younger generation, and you will notice that instantly with its package design and flavor. Indeed, this chic electronic cigarette brand is what hipsters look for in an alternative to their tobacco cigarette. Find out more about this brand as you read along our review.

Creative Designs

The initial thing that you’ll find impressive about this e-cigarette brand is the logo, which features a mustache logo. For some of you, this logo may seem cute and appealing, while others may not share the same opinion. Basically, there is something about the packaging that gives it a low-key feel to it, so it’s perfect for anyone who prefers a design with that kind of effect. Another design feature that is quite interesting is the colorful battery. In fact, the brand collaborates with local artists in Brooklyn when it comes to the battery design, and you will notice that instantly with the striking looks of the battery and overall packaging of the product. Whether you prefer a muted or loud design for the battery, you can find just the right one that meets your standards with these fantastic styles by Bedford.

Bedford Slims Starter Kit Review

There are different options to choose from when you want to buy a great starter kit from Bedford Slims. For instance, the Vapourette Starter Kit System is available at $39, and it includes essential items such as a wall adapter, USB charger, five cartridges, and a battery. You may also opt for an upgraded quality for the starter kit, which is the Vapourette Start System. Although this costs $49, it is certainly a good value because it comes with wall adapter, USB charger, five cartridges and two batteries.

The Aimee Wilder Vapourette Starter System is also a good choice, which contains the same key components as the Vapourette starter system. Its design is rather stunning because of its “Cloud” print for a muted feel to the package. Lastly, the Joshua Williams Starter System is a fabulous option, and the package design is stunning and has a “Miami Vice” feel to it.


Bedford Slims electronic cigarettes offer excellent flavors that will appeal to most tobacco smokers. Among the flavors included in the kits are clove, dark roast, and tobacco, as well as the Birch Beer, which is a limited edition liquid flavor. Most people find the Birch Beer flavor very interesting among all the different options because of its soda taste. On the other hand, clove flavor has a peppery and semi-sweet taste that may also suit your preference. Primarily, these two popular flavors encapsulate the cigarette’s old world vibe that the brand is trying to exude with its products. The tobacco flavor is not bad, as well, yet it is not likely to make you get over your regular tobacco cigarettes. It is also worth noting that these e-liquid flavors are produced in a U.S-based lab, which is excellent for those who are not big on the idea of buying products made elsewhere.

Vapor Quality

The amount of vapor produced by Bedford Slims is satisfying, although some people may not be impressed with its quality. As compared with other brands, though, Bedford Slims barely produced any throat hit, and vapor production is only minimal. So, if you are one of those who are critical with the quality of vapor and throat hit offered by an e-cigarette, then this brand may leave you dissatisfied. Sure, it may not be the worst kind of vapor production that you can ever experience, but it’s not likely to be the best.

Have any questions so far? Not sure if this is the right brand for you? Continue reading our Bedford Slims review to get our final thoughts on the brand and its offerings.

Battery Life

Aside from the exciting designs of the batteries, you’ll appreciate the fact that they can last from 4 to 8 hours. However, the battery life still depends on the number of times that you smoke these e-cigarettes within the day. If you use it several times in a day, you may realize that it will last for only about 4 to 5 hours, on average. Fortunately, you can buy a kit with two batteries, so you can always get a chance to smoke as often as you want throughout the day. The only downside is that the hit gets weaker as the batteries are nearly empty.

Bottom Line

Based on our experience with the products we ordered, Bedford Slims is a brand that can satisfy most smokers and vapers. If you’re looking for the ultimate e-cig, it may not meet your high expectations, but you’ll like its basic quality and affordable price tag. This brand is also perfect for anyone who looks for an e-cigarette brand with a softer throat hit and vapor production including a battery life that can last for more than four hours.

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