Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Accessories Review

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Those who are fond of an old-fashioned style in electronic cigarettes will prefer the astounding look and feel of leather cases and other accessories by Green Smoke. These stunning cases are sold in tan, brown and black colors for a reasonable price.

In fact, you will be surprised by the fact that these cases are so affordable because for such amazing looks, they barely cost over $40! These are simply elegant leather cases that are spacious enough to hold a few items that you will need to get started in e-smoking such as the USB charger, 3 cartomizers, and 2 rechargeable batteries.

You will have every item that will complement your electronic cigarettes all the time since they can all fit in these stylish cases available from this brand.

Green Smoke Accessories

If you prefer something elegant for your e-cig case, then the deluxe carry case is the finest option for you. It is made of the finest leather, and it comes with a push-button lock and trendy metal trimming. For women who like to keep their e-cig cases chic, they can choose from those that have additional sparkles on the cover. These models are available in a number of stunning colors such as white, green and black. You can bring them on casual events or formal occasions because they look simply elegant the way they are.

These cases have a similar size as a cigarette pack with a flip-top design. They are also lined with a soft and elegant felt interior, and there are two compartments for the cartomizers. Moreover, there are two slots ideally for the long or short batteries, as well as another slot for the USB charger. You may also use these cases to put in 4 cartomizers, your USB charger and a battery.

Starter kits by Green Smoke are upgraded and made even more exceptional with a deluxe carry case that comes free of charge. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a case from the accessory store by this brand in case you want an additional case.

Why Choose Green Smoke

E-cigarettes are gaining so much attention, particularly when you use them in a restaurant, at a bar, in a bus terminal, or a few other places where smoking is banned. With the cigarette’s odorless vapor and glowing tip, you can be sure that these devices will attract people’s attention in an instant. You may even consider bringing along a few rubber tips by Green Smoke since you never can tell when someone will be interested in trying out these stunning smoking devices.

With these disposable e-cig tips, you can prevent others from using the mouthpiece directly as they puff and vape away. Indeed, Green Smoke’s rubber tips are hygienic, cheap and soft, which make them perfect for telling the world about the amazing benefits that e-smoking offers instead of using your regular tobacco cigarettes.

You can get about 25 rubber tips for a cheap price less than $5 when you purchase these items using coupon codes. Thus, you can save more money and gain outstanding benefits from using these electronic cigarettes.

Special offer from Green Smoke: If you’re shopping accessories, kits, or cartridges, be sure to checkout our coupons for Green Smoke to get a discount on your order. Also, read some of our other in-depth e-cig reviews to compare some of the highest rated electronic cigarettes on the market.

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