Do E-Cigs Cause Cancer? 

Could vaping electronic cigarettes cause cancer?In a study by the National Consumers’ Institute, it was discovered that a few harmful chemicals were included in electronic cigarettes. Thus, this has led to some concerns about the use of the product, which was regarded as a healthier option for cigarette smokers.

After 10 samples of electronic cigarettes were tested for carcinogens, three types of e-cigs were observed to have included formaldehyde, which is a chemical found in regular cigarettes. Another chemical that was found in electronic cigarettes was acrolein, a toxic substance that turns to vapor once heated. This substance could also cause serious damages to the lungs, although electronic cigarettes do not have as much amount of this chemical, as compared to tobacco cigarettes.

However, some health experts disproved these findings since the study was not formally published at any peer-reviewed journals. The interpretation of findings and provenance were also unclear, which meant there was not enough proof of these claims.

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Are E-Cigs the Better Option?

E-cigs have gained praises from users despite several controversies. For instance, these smoking devices are hailed as the better alternative to regular cigarettes, which can also reduce the riskss of diseases due to the use of tobacco cigarettes.

Derek Yach, Senior VP of Vitality Group, stated that the types and levels of chemicals included in e-cigarettes are similar to the ones included in nicotine inhalers available at various pharmacies. He added that these products do not contain any tobacco, which means the chances of users developing cancer is near to zero. By taking tobacco out of your body, you are sparing yourself from cardiovascular disorders and lung cancer that are common ailments of heavy tobacco smokers.

Basically, electronic cigarettes are small devices that only needed to be heated to turn the liquid nicotine into vapor. Since there are no components burned, this leads to zero levels of chemicals that are of the same amount as in tobacco.

In theory, e-cigarettes are indeed safer than your regular cigarettes since they do not contain over 4000 chemicals. However, there may be a few other undeclared components in these devices, and it would be better that users are completely aware of these components with the help of further studies. Electronic cigarettes also grow in popularity throughout the world, and in the United States alone, about $1 billion worth of sales have reached in these products.

Medical Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes

dr farsalinos expert on e-cigsHealth experts and researchers believe that there is a possible positive disruptive power in the use of electronic cigarettes, and these devices may be overshadowed when federal health organizations regulate them as medical equipment. Several health officials also agree that these products should be subject to the approval of the government and concerned health agencies.

However, the regulation of electronic cigarettes as medical or pharmaceutical products may end up hindering the further development of these smoking devices. After all, e-cigarettes were mainly intended to serve as a total replacement for regular cigarettes. Furthermore, medical licensing costs so much, and there are strict requirements and a lengthy timeline that may deter developers from making a safer and more improved versions of these devices.

Benefits Outweigh Limitations

When it comes to smoking cessation, electronic cigarettes proved to offer astounding results in a number of users. In fact, they claim to have experienced better effects to their health after using these smoking devices. Their breathing has improved, and these devices did not cause any negative effects to their heart rate.

It is worth noting that the levels of carcinogenic molecules in electronic cigarettes are not high enough to cause serious worries and anxieties among users. These devices have also gained much popularity among individuals who wish to reduce the risks linked with regular tobacco products. Since they experience favorable results from these devices, they believe that using electronic cigarettes is not something that can cause greater harm to them, unlike what tobacco offers.

Overall, electronic cigarettes may contain some chemicals that have caused health researchers to become concerned about these products. Nevertheless, you still cannot deny the fact that using e-cigs serve as a healthier alternative to tobacco since there are less chemicals included in these digital smoking devices. There is also an absence of heavy smoke produced, which means there is a minimal possibility of secondhand smoking.

Most of the e-cig companies we’ve reviewed take manufacturing standards very seriously and comply with all local and federal regulations to make sure the end users have the best experience. Tobacco companies are known to tweak the ingredients of their products, but e-cig companies follow the rules – at least as far as we can tell. So in the long run, you may be safer sticking to e-cigs rather than the evil tobacco corps.

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