Green Smoke Review

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For individuals who are new to the e-cig world, or considering a switch from tobacco, this Green Smoke review will help you decide if this is the product line for you. Green Smoke has been around for several years, and has been one of the trusted products for those who are looking for quality items that are built to last. There are a number of great design features consumers will love with this brand.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Green Smoke Flavor Options

One great benefit with Green Smoke, is the option to bulk up, and purchase in bulk to save. The company also developed the FlavorMax cartomizer (patented). The cartomizer has the built in atomizer, along with e liquid in it; this means the only 2 pieces you need are the cartomizer and battery pack to smoke. Some of the great flavor blends are: absolute tobacco, red label tobacco, mountain cove, menthol ice, mocha mist, vanilla dreams, smooth chocolate, or the variety pack.

Each flavor comes in different nicotine levels as well. They are:

  • Zero
  • Ultra light (.6%)
  • Light (1.2%)
  • Full (1.8%)
  • Strong (2.4%)

*Percentages are based on the nicotine levels, in comparison to tobacco cigarettes.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

With Green Smoke, there are also a number of starter kits to choose from. Not only do these come with the battery and cartomizer, they come with certain accessories depending on the kit; options include:

  • Disposable: these are one time use e cigs, which allow you to use one, and dispose of it after use.
  • Ultimate: 10 flavor cartomizers, 3 batteries, 1 constant power e cig, usb charger, wall adapter, car charger, carrying case.
  • Pro Kit: 10 cartomizers, 2 batteries, usb charger, wall adapter, car charger, and one carrying case.
  • Express kit: 5 cartomizers, 1 battery, 1 constant e cig, usb charger, wall adapter, the carrying case.
  • Love birds kit: 20 cartomizers, 4 batteries, 2 usb chargers, wall adapters, car chargers, and 2 carrying cases.
  • Essentials kit: 2 cartomizers, 1 battery, and 1 usb charger.

Note: you can save 10-20% on GreenSmoke starter kits by using these Green Smoke coupons.

I tested the Pro and Essentials kit for this review and had a good experience using both of those kits. The Pro kit is the best option in my opinion because it comes with the essential accessories that you need to start vaping, but it doesn’t cost as much as the Essentials kit.

Smart & Very “Green” Design

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Battery and Cartridge Review

With Green Smoke, you also receive a simple-to-use ecig. The smart design simply requires you to screw the cartomizer onto the battery, and you are ready to go. No need to mix e liquids; simply screw the battery pack on when fully charged, and you can enjoy the vapor. The simple design will use the battery power to heat up the cartomizer, and this will create the puff of smoke. Depending on the draw, and how deep a puff users take, each cartomizer is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes based on my experience with the product. The product is very easy to use; you simply puff as if you were smoking a tobacco cigarette.


When you order a GreenSmoke, you also receive warranties on all the kits that you purchase. Like other brands, the warranties are only going to cover the electric component of the e cig; and, they are only going to cover the product when it is used as intended. If customer makes a modification to the product, they are no longer warranted. With each kit that consumers purchase, the warranties will include:

  • A full 30 day money back guarantee, in the event you are not happy with the product, the style, or any product features.
  • Free shipping both ways (if you decide to send it back), on all products that are ordered directly through the company.
  • Lifetime warranty on the e cig. This covers the electronic component, not the e liquid base.


You will have a wide range of accessories to choose from when shopping with Green Smoke. Of course you can order additional cartomizer flavors, and batteries, but there are also other great accessories to enhance the smoking experience. Chargers for on the go use, USB chargers, and carrying cases, allow you to carry the product around with you anywhere, so that you can smoke anywhere. Rubber tips are also available, to keep the base of the e cig clean. When ordering cases, there is a basic kit, sparkle kit, or a leather kit, depending on the design and style you like best.

Green Smoke: Pros

There are many great features GreenSmoke provides.

  • Really great flavors – Gold and Clove being my favorite two flavors.
  • Long battery life, lasted me about 2 days of vaping which is longer than most other brands.
  • Excellent quality and customer service.
  • The great flavor blends, and the fact that they are longer lasting than most other cartomizers.
  • The easy to use device; simply puff, and the battery will do the work for you.
  • Several options in terms of the starter kits, to get you going with the right e cig, as well as the flavor blends you want to order.
  • A great way to save, when you order in bulk quantities for the e liquid cartomzier, as well as for replacement batteries when you have to order them.
  • They offer a recycling plan. Once you use 80 cartomizers, when you send the empty ones back in, you will receive credits to make a future purchase, and to save on the cost of the replacement cartomizers that you are going to order through the company.
  • Loyalty programs as well as refer a friend programs, provide you with future discounts and ways to save.

Green Smoke: Cons

With Green Smoke, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well; these include:

  • There are limited options in terms of flavors; especially in comparison to other companies that sell blank cartridges, allowing users to mix and match their flavor blends.
  • There are limited options in terms of accessories, and not a broad range of new products being produced.
  • Consumers can only use Green Smoke cartomizers, due to the patented FlavorMax design. So, unlike other producers, you can’t order e liquids from other suppliers, for a lower price.
  • Price of cartridges are slightly higher than other brands, but so is the quality.

There are several great names when it comes to the world of e-cigs, and Green Smoke is my top choice. It is a little pricier than other e-cigs I’ve reviewed, but does provide a solid, sturdy design. You’ll experience great flavor blends, and a thick vapor production. For those who are looking for something that is as close to the tobacco smoking experience as possible, Green Smoke provides it, and also provides you with more options of nicotine levels, in comparison to some of the other companies that produce e cigs as well. Overall, based on my two-weeks of testing the product, I have very little to complain about Green Smoke. E-Cigs