V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular and well established brands of e-cigs on the market. With various starter kits, great flavor e-liquids, a simplified design, and excellent design, customers love the brand. This V2 Cigs review will give you several aspects to consider, and help you to decide if this is the right electronic cigarette for you.

V2 Cigs Review and Comparison

V2 Cigs Starter Kits – What’s the best option for new users?

With V2 Cigs, you can choose from a variety of starter kit options to get started. These include the following:

  • V2 Power-Cig ($25): If you want to try the experience of V2Cigs (or e-cigs in general), this is probably the cheapest option you can choose. It’s not the best option in my opinion as it only includes one power cig and a 5-pack of cartridges.
  • V2 Beginners Kit ($35): Cheapest Includes 1 battery, 6 flavor cartridges, one disposable, the charger, and manual for use. It is the cheapest intro pack available.
  • V2 Standard Kit ($60): Most Popular Comes with 2 batteries, 10 e liquids, 1 wall adapter and smart charger, and the manual for use.
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit ($100): 2 batteries, 10 e liquids, 1 wall adapter, 1 smart charger, 1 portable carrying case, and instruction manual.
  • V2 Couples Kit ($115): 4 batteries, 20 e liquids, 2 wall adapters and smart chargers, and 2 manuals.
  • V2 Ultimate Kit ($160): Best Value 3 batteries, 25 e liquids, 1 wall, smart, and car charger, XL carrying case and metal carrying case, 1 power e cig, 1 lanyard, and the manual.

Each V2 Cigs starter kit provides you the option to try out the product and different flavor blends; or, for those who are familiar with V2 eCigs, you can experience the flavor blends, and great product options, for a lower price when you buy the kits.

Not sure which starter kit to choose? I personally enjoyed using the V2 Ultimate kit as it includes everything I needed to start vaping, plus a bunch of useful gadgets that come in handy from time to time. But if the higher price tag (around $160) is an issue, opt for the slightly cheaper (and more popular) options: the Standard or Standard Plus options, which also come with everything you need to start using the product, but don’t include the extra gadgets like the power cig, car charger, lanyard, extra battery, carrying case, and cartridges.

V2 Cigs E-liquids Review

Review of V2 Cigs E-Liquid

For those who love the taste of tobacco, this is one of the many options you can select with V2Cigs. V2 Red, Sahara, and Congress are the tobacco flavored blends. Menthol, Peppermint, and Mint Tea are also available. Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee, are options for individuals who love the sweeter blends.

As a former light-Marlboro smoker, I found the V2 Red and Sahara to be the most enjoyable flavors. I also enjoy a few puffs of the Vanilla or Coffee flavors in the morning with my tea or coffee.

If you want to mix and match, V2 Cigs offers blank cartridges. This allows you to buy the flavors you like, and the nicotine level you want, and mix your own flavor combinations. The drip tip accessory also makes pouring the V2 e-liquid easier, so you avoid wasting any. With each flavor, the nicotine levels range from: 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%. If you’re a light smoker, start out with the 1.2% nicotine level and adjust your nicotine level (lower or higher) after a week of trying the product. For heavy smokers, 1.8% and 2.4% tend to work best to keep the cravings low.

V2 Cigs Design, Performance, and Battery Life

The V2 electronic cigarette design is simple; it has the battery, and cartomizer. Upon receiving the package, you have to charge the e-cig, prior to use (it’s not necessary but recommended by the manufacturer). There is an LED indicator light to inform you when the battery is full. Once fully charged, you simply screw the cartomizer (which has the e-liquid in it), onto the battery, and you are ready to puff away. This 2-piece design is simplified for convenient use, and to prevent mess, spill, or waste of liquid.

New V2 e-cigs options also include the disposable battery. It is for one time use; it is the same in design as the traditional V2 e-cig, but does not require you to charge after and before use. Simply add your e-liquid cartridge of choice, puff until there is no more liquid, and you dispose the product after you complete the 150 to 200 puffs you get from them.

Cost Savings with V2 e-cigs

With V2, consumers are going to save. Based on my experience, each e-liquid cartridge generally gets from 150 to 200 puffs (which is equivalent to 1 or 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes). Not only are e-liquids cheaper, they also last longer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can expect to save quite a bit, especially if you are a chain vaper, and use the e-cig quite often throughout the day.


As long as you purchase through V2Cigs.com directly, the company guarantees their products are free from defects or operational issues. This warranty is covered as long as you own the e-cigarette. The V2 warranty only applies to the electronic devices; this means the e-liquids and flavor cartridges are not covered by V2 Cigs (VMR Products). The warranty will be void if damage ensues after modification or alteration to the electronic cigarette, and it does not cover misuse of the product, simply because of the fact that the customer does not read the use instructions. Warranties are also void if the product is used in any manner, other than the intended and described manner in the manual.


There are several great features about V2 Cigs; these include:

  • Great vapor production. If you like blowing clouds of vapor, V2 is a brand to consider.
  • Excellent battery life. Each full-charged battery lasted me almost two days of heavy vaping.
  • Quick charging. Batteries charge within an hour or two, when using the wall charger.
  • Really great flavors, with V2 Red, Sahara, and Coffee being my favorites.
  • A variety of starter packs, giving you great deals and savings.
  • New product lines coming out regularly, including disposable e cigs, new cartridge designs, longer batteries, and new e liquids.
  • Several e-liquid options to choose from, with great flavors.
  • Simple design, which comes with either a manual or automatic battery design.
  • Lifetime warranties on the product.
  • Eliminate the ash, tar, bad smell, and harmful carcinogens, which are present in tobacco cigarettes that you used to smoke.


Like all products, there are certain drawbacks consumers should be aware of as well; these are:

  • E-liquids are pricey (but this is the common case with most e-cig brands, regardless of where you purchase from).
  • Certain accessories are rather expensive, so consumers should shop around before purchasing.
  • The warranty is only going to cover the consumer, if they buy directly from V2 Cigs. This means if they purchase through a third party site to save, the warranty might not extend to the purchase that they have made.


After nearly three weeks of testing and experimenting with V2 Cigs, I have very little to complain about the brand. I’ve tried over 30-40 other e-cig brands over the past couple of years, and V2 definitely makes it to my top 3 list (the other ones being Green Smoke and White Cloud Cigarettes). I tested V2 eCigs for battery performance, battery life, vapor production, durability, design, and flavor. I would give them a 5/5 score on all of those categories. No other brand has impressed me as much as V2.

V2 Cigs are quite possibly one of the most well known brand names in the world of e cigs, and the company has a solid reputation among its users, as well as third party e-cig review sites and forums. So, if you are new to the electronic cigarette market, this might be a product that you want to consider. There is an extensive product listing, the prices are reasonable, and many health risks are eliminated when you do make the transition over to e-cigs, as opposed to tobacco cigarettes.

As one of the trusted brands, you can expect excellent performance from V2Cigs. From the selection of starter kits, to the wide array of e liquid flavors, consumers will like what V2 has to offer. The simple design is another added bonus, and the simple charge and go feature allows you to get started right out of the box.

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