Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Review

For dedicated vapers, or for those who are considering e-cigs as an alternative to smoking and want a well built, quality made product, Vapor Couture (VC), the first e-cig brand exclusively for women, may have what you’re looking for. With a recently rehabbed online site, and all new product releases, there have been quite a few positive Vapor Couture reviews about the product, so I decided to order a kit to test the VC e-cigs for myself.

Vapor Couture Kits

Vapor Couture provides a line of electronic cigarette that is exclusively designed for women. With an elegant line of accessories, you can find something that is going to fit in line with your everyday style. From the starter kits, to exclusive accessory lines, and the sparkling e-cigs, there is something for every user. Some of the new starter kits include:

Entree Kit: Comes with 1 battery, USB charger, 1 disposable e cig, and 6 flavor cartridges of choice to get you started.
L’Essential +1 Kit: 2 batteries, your choice of a colored carrying case, two-5 packed flavor cartridges (your choice nicotine levels), and the user manual.
Passeport Kit: Comes with 2 batteries in your choice color, a charging kit, two-5 packed cartridges, an auto adapter, and the portable charger.

For this review, I ordered and tested the Entree kit, which I used (and still using) during the past three weeks. I have very little to complain. The e-cig does what it’s supposed to do. It’s not as powerful as the sister company, V2 Cigs, but VC is purposely designed and engineered to be a chic product, with a feminine touch. The batteries are really slim, compared to other e-cigs on the market, and easy to hold between two fingers (as you would hold a traditional cigarette). The flavors are great and last a good amount of time. Overall, I had a great experience with the kit I ordered.

Vapor Couture Kit

Each starter kit also allows you to choose from a few different color options, allowing you to fully customize your vaping experience. Whether you want the natural white, or want a bright pink e-cigarette, there are a number of options that you can choose from, with the battery pack you will receive when you place the initial purchase for your kit.

In addition to the kits, there are also the disposable options. It is a one and done use; you use the e-cig until the e liquid runs dry, and once it does, you simply dispose of it. This is a great option for those who want try different flavors before they commit, or for the individual who is always on the road, and forgets their starter pack (which requires charging). You’ll always have the e-cig with you, and don’t ┬áhave to remember to bring along the charger and other accessories along.

Stylish Accessories

In addition to these starter kits, you can purchase an extensive line of accessories to enhance your vaping experience. The new clutch carrying case, mimics the look, feel, and style of a small handbag, making it ideal for your e-cigs, and a few other items. The new fluted charm necklace allows you to wear a stylish chain, and carry your e cig around your neck, so you’ll never lose it. Portable charging cases, along with metal carrying cases, give you a simple way to charge, and carry the cigarettes around, so you will always have a freshly loaded battery with you.

Exotic Flavors

Women who choose the VC line of e cigs, will also have an extensive flavor blend selection to choose from.

Vapor Couture Cartridge Flavors Review

Some of the great options that are currently being offered include:

  • Bombshell (a rich tobacco blend)
  • Fresh mint
  • Rodeo Drive (all natural tobacco blend)
  • Passion fruit
  • Arctic mint
  • Strawberry champagne

You can choose form a 5 pack cartridge, 20 pack, or bulk up and save, with the 40 cartridge option. Regardless of the refined tastes you like, or if you are looking for something sweet, there are several great products to choose from with your VC e-cig.

Slim, But Powerful Battery

The all new design which Vapor Couture has unveiled, includes the slim style cigarette, with the two piece design.

Vapor Couture Batteries

All you need to smoke is the battery pack, and the cartomizer which twists right on. Deep purple, rose gold, brushed platinum, or the white traditional style, are just some of the few options you can choose from, when selecting your new battery. With a 190 mA rating, and 4.2 volt battery, you can expect one hour out of a full charge, if you want to enjoy the entire flavor cartridge at once. A signature glowing crystal tip (LED indicator), also adds to the style and allure of your new e cig. Not only does it give a fine look and sleek style, it is also going to inform the smoker of how much more time they have, as the light will get dim, as the battery is in need of a charge.

Vapor Couture: Pros

For the refined individual, VC is the ideal brand. It comes with several flavor options, it is a sleek design and style, and it is a product that is built to last. With a variety of accessories and great colors, women will love the design and style. With VC, you also have a lifetime warranty, as long as the product is used as it should. Customers will love the extensive line of accessories, and affordable pricing, in comparison to other product lines and e cig brands that are currently available. And, best of all, it is a product that is designed with women in mind, for women, and for your enjoyment.

Vapor Couture: Cons

There are a few drawbacks to consider; some of these are:

  • It limits the user base. Although the user does not necessarily have to be a female smoker, the product is designed for women smokers.
  • The cartridges do not come in a variety pack, so you can’t mix and match flavors.
  • There is a limited number of starter kits available to you, and they come with fewer accessories than other brands.
  • The accessories are well designed, and there is an extensive selection. But, with design in mind, and high end materials, this adds to the cost you will pay for these accessories.

Bottom Line

For the consumer who likes a specific style, color, and distinct and extensive product selection, Vapor Couture has just what you’re looking for. It runs the gamut with flavor options, there are several colors you can buy for the actual e cig, and there are great accessories you can purchase. It is a bit pricier than some, but for the individual who wants quality, and a distinct look and feel, this product line is going to provide just that. But if you’re looking for a thick and massive vapor production, with an extensive range of flavors, and long-lasting battery life, then you’re better off looking elsewhere. Vapor Couture can get the job done for light to moderate smokers. Heavy smokers may have a better experience with the sister company, V2 Cigs.

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