Green Smoke Cartridges Review

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Green Smoke has led the industry of e-cigarettes when it comes to their cartomizers, which features a combination of cartridge and atomizer in a disposable package. Since the older version of electronic cigarettes usually result to lost parts, mess, and poor smoking experience, the integration of the heating element into the e-cig’s cartridge lets you have a fresh atomizer when you replace used up cartomizers.

green smoke caridge review

The brand introduced to the market its FlavorMax cartomizer, which aims to improve the quality and life of cartridges. Moreover, this cartomizer is renowned for its distinct and rich flavor and a good amount of smoke volume.

Cartomizers by GreenSmoke come with rubber plugs on both end of their vacuum-sealed packs, so you can expect total freshness of these products. Upon taking each item out of the package and after you have removed the plugs, you can expect the cartomizer to stay fresh for about two weeks or so. In fact, cartomizers can stay fresh for a maximum of 18 month when stored in the best conditions.

Ease of Use

Green Smoke cartridges are hassle-free to use. Once the vapor becomes weaker and you detect a burnt taste each time you inhale, it is about time to throw away the old cartridge and install a new one. In addition, safety is an important concern each time you inhale or ingest the vapor. In fact, the brand is doing quite a good job by being open about its list of ingredients. You will find a detailed list of ingredients on every package of GreenSmoke cartomizer, and these substances include artificial flavoring, glycerin, propylene glycol, and your choice of nicotine strength.

Great Taste

If you are fond of smoking menthol cigarettes, then you will appreciate the Menthol Ice cartomizer by Green Smoke. On the other hand, Absolute Tobacco comes with a sweet and bold taste resembling natural tobacco. Tobacco Gold tastes much like a cigar because of its excellent blend of Oriental, Virginia and Burley tobacco flavors, while Red Label is a bit similar to Marlboro Reds.


Aside from the menthol and classic tobacco flavors, the brand also features e-cig cartridges in specialty flavors such as vanilla, mocha and chocolate. These flavors will surely appeal to your unique taste. They certainly do not taste and smell like our regular cigarettes, so you can expect a more exciting vaping experience by using these smoking devices by Green Smoke.

Nicotine Strengths

FlavorMax cartomizers come in different nicotine strengths. These nicotine levels differ, which give you a chance to choose the right strength for your needs. For instance, strong nicotine comes with 2.4 percent strength, while full has 1.8 percent. These cartridges also come in 1.2 percent, ultra light at 0.6 percent and zero percent nicotine level.

Bottom Line

Green Smoke cartridges are probably some of the best ones on the market. The flavor and vapor performance is just outstanding. Although the price of their cartomizers is slightly higher than other brands, you can at least save 10% with these Green Smoke coupons. Green Smoke with zero percent nicotine cartomizer offers an outstanding alternative for those who plan to smoke electronic cigarettes without nicotine. Since cartridges by Green Smoke come with nicotine level that differs from your traditional tobacco cigarettes, you may want to experiment before finding the perfect level that will suit your needs.

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Green Smoke Cartridges Review

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