Using E-Cigs To Stop Smoking

Using ecigs to quit smoking If you have been smoking regular cigarettes for a prolonged period of time, you may be considering an electronic brand as a way to cut down, or quit conventional brands completely. Proponents of electronic cigarettes believe that e-cigs can be a useful aid when trying to give up smoking, and many health professionals have cited electronic cigarette devices as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco brands. Vaping has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and there are now many different brands of electronic cigarette available to purchase, as well as starter kits, batteries, and accessories. This article explores using e cigs to stop smoking.

How can electronic cigarettes help me to stop smoking?

The nicotine that is found in electronic cigarette brands is liquidized, and as an individual inhales on a electronic cigarette device, they are provided with a satisfying hit of nicotine via an atomizing chamber. This solution is heated and then turns into a vapor, and the electronic cigarette is then used like a conventional cigarette that you may purchase in the store. Depending on the brand of the electronic cigarette, and the manufacturer, a small light may flash on the end of the device when an individual inhales. Many smokers have found that electronic cigarettes have helped them to cut down on the number of cigarettes they have smoked, or have helped them to quit cigarettes completely. They have been considered as an alternative to other stop-smoking aids such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

Why are electronic cigarettes considered a better alternative to regular cigarettes?

Health professionals have cited that electronic cigarettes are much safer than conventional brands you may have tried in the past. These electronic cigarettes contain tobacco but not the other chemicals that are found in tobacco. European politicians recently rejected a proposal to subject electronic cigarettes to the same regulation as nicotine patches and gum, and cancer charities have stated that although nicotine is an addictive substance, the chemicals that are normally found in tobacco smoke are more dangerous to the individual. A spokesperson from Cancer Research UK stated that using electronic cigarettes was “almost certainly” more safer than regular cigarette brands that you find in the shops. Chris Davies, a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Democrat Party in Britain stated that electronic cigarettes were a “game changer” in the fight against smoking, and noted that people had personally written to tell him that electronic cigarettes had helped them quit. 

using ecigs to quit smoking

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes consist of a battery and a nicotine cartridge. Usually, a solution of glycerine or propylene glycol is mixed with water, and an atomizer turns this into a vapor. There are a wide range of different brands and manufacturers of electronic cigarette products on the market, and consumers will usually opt for a starter kit when deciding to use vaping equipment for the first time. These kits will contain much of the equipment needed and could work out to be considerably cheaper than purchasing these items individually. The starter kit will often contain a battery, full instructional guide, and a charging outlet, which can be used to charge the battery. The charging outlet will often be a USB charger – used to plug into a computer or laptop device – or a wall adapter, which is helpful when charging your device when you are away from the computer.

What else do I need to consider when purchasing electronic cigarettes?

If you have been using conventional cigarettes for a while, you will need to choose a nicotine flavor and strength when using vaping products for the first time. It’s a good idea to choose a strength of nicotine that is similar to brands that you have used in the past. There are also a wide range of different flavors to choose from. You might want to use a flavor that replicates the taste of cigarettes that you have used before, such as tobacco or menthol, which have been designed to provide an authentic smoking experience. Other flavors include those which are less conventional, such as fruit flavors and exotic flavors. Some examples are banana, chocolate, apple pie and coffee. Many online stores specialize in electronic cigarette liquids, and you will be able to try various flavors before deciding on a favorite.

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