V2 Cigs Battery Review 

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular e-cig manufacturers in the world. One of the things they take pride for is their world-famous batteries. They claim their batteries last longer, perform better, and use better technology than most e-cig batteries on the market. So we had to try them for ourselves to get to the bottom of the story.

The batteries we ordered came with the Ultimate starter kit, which we’ve already reviewed (see the full V2 Cigs review).

V2 Cigs batteries are quite simple to use. In fact, you only need to attach a new cartomizer, then inhale vapor from the filter’s tip the way you normally do with a regular cigarette. There is also no reason for you to draw hard just to keep the e-juice flowing. With each pull, you can experience a smooth and clean feeling without any leaking liquid or crackling noise. Most importantly, these batteries can create a good amount of vapor even with small hits.

About V2 Cigs Batteries

The very first electronic cigarettes that became available were rather heavy and long. Thus, smokers often felt awkward about holding these devices between their fingers.

V2 cigs batteries review

On the other hand, V2 cigs lets you enjoy the fine taste of the same interesting flavors and blow the same thick smoke rings that resemble the ones coming out from a regular cigarette. The only difference is the absence of carbon monoxide, tar, yellow teeth and foul odor with these smoking devices.

Older models of e-cigs need frequent charging since the battery usually runs empty even after a few puffs. On the other hand, V2 cigs batteries can last after a maximum of 5 hours for those who smoke frequently while light smokers can expect the batteries to last for about a week. What’s more, charging can be done at a faster rate since the new Smart charger is capable of recharging the battery in one up to two hours.

Innovation and Style

V2 Cigs batteries can run on a robust and powerful Li-Ion cell with a distinct LED crystal tip, which glows brilliantly whenever you take a puff. You can also expect standard batteries to last from 200 to 300 puffs on a single charge. These batteries also offer the right balance between performance, length and weight. Rated with 250mAh and a length of 4.3 inches when the cartridge is attached, you can be sure that this product will never disappoint.

Here’s a useful guide for V2 Cigs batteries:


If you want a battery that lasts for more hours, the long battery is your best bet because it has a 380,Ah rating and delivers a maximum of 450 puffs. It also has a measurement of 4.4 inches in length, and you may extend it up to 5.5 inches when the cartridge is screwed.

V2 batteries are actually not as expensive as you might expect. For the quality of the product, they’re actually under-priced in my opinion. If you do consider buying a set of extra batteries, use this V2 Cigs coupon code to save 10% on your order.

charging-v2-cigs-batteryWith V2 cigs, you can choose from manual and automatic battery models. With automatic ones, you can expect these to be activated instantly upon inhaling, which is an outstanding option for those who search for a convenient vaping experience. Manual batteries let you press the small button located on one side of the electronic cigarette. Veteran e-cig users prefer this type of battery because of the superb level of control and accuracy you can do to obtain a good vapor volume.

Once the battery gets weaker and loses its charge, you will recognize minimal vapor volume. Thus you may want to consider brining along another battery and keep the batteries charged regularly. If you are a frequent traveler, though, you should opt for a disposable e-cg and just place it into your glove compartment or in your luggage to keep them protected before your trip.

V2 Cig Batteries Review

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